Balance Is Strength. Strength Is Balance. TM

ZeSa enhances

ZeSa is relevant to anyone and everyone interested in making their body stronger, more flexible and functional. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone who wants to make daily living more satisfying, ZeSa IS for YOU!

No matter what your level or interest, ZeSa will make a big difference in your performance. Check out ZeSa’s impact on the groups below.





Be certain that your athletic life has the best possible solid foundation for lifelong fitness.


This is the best peak fitness program for your peak fitness years.

Adults 18-25

Refine/reprogram your body to ensure a lifetime of fitness.

Adults 25-49

Correct any of your growing physical weaknesses. Regain the strength and balance you had during your peak physical decades. Repair the physical problems you may now have. Prepare for a healthy and active rest of your life.

Adults 50+

Do not miss out on featuring the newest approach to peak training—scientifically based, with proven results from over 15 years in development.

Club/Studio Owners/ Managers

Heighten your competitive edge. Be among the first to implement the newest, most effective training process available.


Professional Athletes / Team Coaches / Trainers / Sports Medicine Facilities

Restore, repair and return strength and balance to your body and extend your life.

Senior Living Facilities

Hasten healing through the full complement of ZeSa products and services.



For Healing