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Balance Is Strength. Strength Is Balance. TM

ZeSa Silver Balance Builder

If you’ve been waiting for a modified ZeSa class that starts from the ground up and will help you to build and improve your balance, strength and flexibility, this is the class for you.  This class is designed specifically for anyone who desires to gradually build and improve their balance, strength, endurance and flexibility, all of which are so important for day to day activities and functional movement.    All moves in this class can be done on our mats or on our newly developed Stimulators, which provide all the benefits of Activators, but at a low level of instability.

In addition to better balance, other benefits may include:

Faster reaction time
Improved coordination
Stronger bones and muscles
Better brain function


Intro Class - FREE

We want you to have the best possible ZeSa experience, so this 30-minute class is designed for anyone at all apprehensive about what unstable training is all about. Give our ZeSa activators and initial postures a try by joining us for this free, no commitment, introductory class.


Zesa Yoga

Challenge And Improve Your Yoga Practice.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced yogi, you’ve never experienced a class like this before.  This class is designed to improve not only your balance postures, but all of your other yoga postures as well, through the incorporation of our unstable Activators.  You may leave wondering if you’ll ever want to do yoga on a flat surface again!  This class uses no weights, and you will flow like never before.  No prior ZeSa experience is necessary to participate in this class.  Although prior yoga experience prior to this class is helpful, it’s not necessary for you to still have an amazing ZeSa Yoga experience.


ZeSa Power


ZeSa Power is our signature class with a guaranteed challenge for all fitness levels, due to the progressive levels of Activators.  You will be working on our unique unstable, rotating activators and incorporating a combination of functional resistance training using free weights and your own body weight to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass.   You will receive a functional, full body workout that not only challenges and improves your balance and flexibility, but also builds your strength and endurance, and stimulates your cardiovascular system to improve your heart health and burn more calories with low impact cardio intervals.  No prior ZeSa experience needed to take this class.


Zesa Power Pro

For The Advanced Zesa Practitioner Or Athlete.

This 75-minute class incorporates all the elements of the ZeSa Power Class with more challenging movements by adding additional devices such as the unstable Suspension Rings and Escalators.  This is a high level, advanced workout and it is recommended you only take this class if you’ve taken the ZeSa Power class and are looking for additional challenge, OR if you are an athlete with good physical conditioning and are focused on improving your peak physical performance.    Optional:  This is a great class to add your own ankle weights or weighted vest for an even more extreme workout.